10 Things You Think Will Hurt Your Credit Score—But Actually Won’t

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Here are seven of the fastest ways to increase your credit score.. in payments at least twice a month to keep your running balance lower.. You can't wipe out past mistakes from your credit report, but you can. You won't see results overnight; give it three months or so for the.. load 10 more comments.

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 · It won’t prevent you from getting credit in the future, but for a time some credit products will be unavailable to you and others will come at very steep prices. Also, not all debts can be discharged in a bankruptcy. The next option is to ignore your debt. Collection accounts fall off your credit report after seven years.

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A 2017 survey from CreditCards.com found that 89 percent of Americans who asked received an increased credit limit. Load.

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 · 10 things your spouse won’t tell you. Think only the Bernie Madoffs of the world keep secret bank accounts? Think again.. And the secret credit cards can hurt a couple’s bottom line:.

But those factors matter much less than paying on time and keeping credit utilization low. More good news: you can stop.

Checking your own credit report doesn't hurt your credit score, but many think it does.. How much do you really know about credit scores?. what the scores are used for, and believe common credit score lies. But looking around for the best deal on a loan or credit card won't necessarily hurt your score.

Credit card companies, banks and credit unions are making it easy for customers to view their credit scores on demand, and often for free. Here are 10 things you need to know about your credit.