AI and big data knocks $36.4b off payments fraud

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While Big Data can be useful in fighting fraud, traditional business intelligence tools aren’t much help. If it was easy to detect fraud, there wouldn’t be much of it around. But these days, the sheer volume of information being generated makes it more difficult than ever to detect.

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Financial fraud methods are becoming more sophisticated and the techniques to combat such attacks also need to evolve. Big data has brought with it novel fraud detection and prevention techniques such as behavioral analysis and real-time detection to give fraud fighting techniques a new perspective.

Which when linked to the vast transaction volume through their stores and digital properties. provide an almost unprecedented amount of transactional data to leverage through a growing AI analytical.

Reactive fraud prevention will always be a handicapped method to prevent losses (and, often, embarrassing public events). Proactive fraud monitoring using advanced analytics, including big data, is required to adapt to the growing threat of fraud. What exactly is big data? We define it by the "4 Vs": Volume.

“Fraud. data – will be more beneficial to corporate payers. “When it comes to B2B, payment speed is important, but only to a point,” said Neil Ambikar, founder and CEO of global corporate payments.

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