Dinner party landlords take leave as tax rises are too hard to swallow

Dinner party landlords take leave as tax rises are too hard to swallow. The mortgage broker stands on the front line of the battle between the government and buy-to-let investors, two sides of an argument over whether small-time landlords are distorting the housing market and blocking first-time buyers from getting on the property ladder,

Tax Rises: An analysis released today by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) confirms the impact of tax increases on choking off investment in rented housing. In its Economic and Fiscal Outlook published today, the OBR warns of "subdued growth in residential investment." The assessment comes following a string of tax hikes on private rented [.]

Dinner party landlords take leave as tax rises are too hard to swallow mortgagestrategy.co.uk The buy-to-let market will become more professional with ‘dinner party’ landlords edged out, according to a panel of experts at the Mortgage Strategy Leaders Forum.

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Dinner party landlords take leave as tax rises are too hard to swallow; St. Francis hospital confirms restructuring will eliminate more jobs; r/RealEstate – NJ first time home buyer 10k assistance HELP! DeSoto Square mall foreclosure suit has day in court. Here’s what the judge decided; The Best Kitchen Countertop Materials, According to.

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More than half of UK landlords to raise rents in next year. A growing number of buy-to-let investors plan to increase rents, in order to counter recent tax increases in the sector. Many buy-to-let landlords also do not plan of expanding their portfolios, according to a new survey from the Residential Landlords Association. Leaving

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