Do starter homes still make financial sense?

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 · While it may not make generally sound financial sense to look at anything that way, some of us feel limited in our choices. That would mean that, again for most, the extra $200 a month is probably going in part or whole to some other expense.

Jul 22 – Becki Sutton, a certified financial planner and analyst, discusses the most important issues facing women when conducting a financial plan. She and Financial Sense Newshour host Jim Puplava go through a variety of situations and life scenarios, i.e. death of a spouse.

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Why a starter home is one of the worst mistakes a new homebuyer can make. When he ran the numbers, he realized that, generally, starter homes just don’t make sense. For one thing, the bulk of your mortgage payments in those first years go directly to interest payments, meaning you haven’t built much equity by the time you trade up.

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 · There is a phenomenal amount of buzz about home battery storage in Australia – it’s a hot topic because of the potential value proposition and the allure of energy independence. But does battery storage yet make sense for Australian homes? Yes, in some circumstances – which we discuss in this article. Some background: Going solar [.]

Where Have All the Starter Homes Gone?. Homes at starter prices are often still available, though what an entry-level price is varies by the market. While the Orlando, A starter home in the classic sense is going to require work, but Ford says it’s important for first-time homebuyers to.

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“The idea of buying a vacation home as a first real estate purchase and renting a primary home may not seem intuitive to most people, but upon closer inspection, it can definitely make financial sense,” says Michael Comandini of the Comandini-Chowdhury Team in New York, NY.

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