Does your pension fund need some ‘rocket fuel’?

Here are several important facts you need to know about your retirement plan: The amount you should contribute to your pension pot should be half your current age (in percentage, of course.) For example, if you are 40 years old, rule of thumb dictates that you should allocate 20% of your salary to your pension plan.

Should I get a pension? Making sure you plan for retirement is essential, but how do you know if a pension is really worthwhile? We investigate the pros and cons of a traditional pension as well as some alternative ways to save for retirement.

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"Some Japanese pension funds have hired a single type of hedge fund like market neutral or some other low risk type of single fund," said Konosuke Kita, senior consultant at Frank Russell in Tokyo. Two pension funds which have already taken the plunge are Orix and Secom, but Howe expects further large inflows during the course of this year.

There are already plenty of funds targeting particular global trends, such as AI or the rise of robotics, so space and rocket technology funds look likely to appear.

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Limiting the State pension to those earning less than 100,000, for example, would have an immediate benefit, cutting the proportion of GDP required to fund the State pension from 6.2 per cent.

The way we deal with risk depends on how we define it. This is often a more complicated task than appears. Risk is such a many-headed monster that selecting the right head to strike at can be a.

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