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An interesting comment on a recent post caught my attention. In response to my suggestions for things to do with a tax refund, Ross wrote, "Paying off any high interest debt will save you money in the long run, but it can be pretty tempting to buy something frivolous with the money, especially if you weren’t expecting it.

Sudden Cash: 11 Smart Things to Do with a Windfall. Expected or unexpected, the result of an inheritance, business deal, or the sale of a company, home, or other property, there are some things you should know. First, be intentional. Even if the windfall is more money than you ever thought you would have, if not managed intentionally and with care,

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Ask Jasmine - What To Do With A Windfall A tiny windfall is pretty easy to spend. If you find $10 or $20 on the street, you can just use it to help pay for groceries or some other regular expense to give yourself just a bit of breathing room in your budget. A huge windfall – like an inheritance or a legal settlement – can be easy, too.

Five Things to Do With a Windfall Other Than Spend It Right Away! November 2, 2011 in Personal Finance , Uncategorized 0 by mikelerdman Perhaps you have won the lottery, received an inheritance, or cashed in one of your investments, and now you have a large sum of money you don’t know what to do.

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9. Don’t rush into spending your windfall. Calm down and think rationally about your new situation. Taking a few weeks or months to contemplate the possibilities can go a long way towards making sure you do the right thing. Assess your priorities and determine which areas of your life could most benefit from extra funds. 10.

Did it go to paying off those student loans? nope. Not a cent. As one journalist wrote, "When a windfall check is dropped in. all the ways they felt deprived as kids." So what do we do? We spend on.

It would take more than nine years to repay the debt. Use your windfall to pay the balance in full, and you’ll save interest. 3. Build an emergency fund

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