Foundation encourages people to use tax-advantaged planning tools

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For those unfamiliar, ABLE stands for Achieving a Better Life Experience, and the ABLE Act of 2014 established the foundation for states to create tax-advantaged savings accounts in which individuals with disabilities can save for qualified expenses. ABLE accounts promote the independence and well-being of their beneficiaries, and also remove.

TAX ADVANTAGED PLANS Effective January 1, 2018 Voluntary 403(b) Plan The college offers employees the opportunity to participate in a tax-deferred retirement savings plan, provided by Section 403(b) of the internal revenue service (irs) Code. The salary reduction contributions may only be made to the 403(b) vendors who meet the new IRS requirements

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Whether you’re juggling other financial priorities or not, contributing to a tax-advantaged workplace retirement plan. offers tools and calculators to help you make smart decisions with your money.

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Tax planning tools From the course. also helps you understand how to use software to assist with tax planning and preparation.. Her passion is connecting people with each other, and to ideas.

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Foundation encourages people to use tax-advantaged planning tools.

The foundation can manipulate both the numerator (qualifying distributions) and denominator (non-charitable-use assets) by implementing tax planning techniques throughout the year and by performing a calculation during the final month of the foundation’s fiscal/calendar year to determine if the foundation has made sufficient distributions.

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but said that all such tools are limited in their effectiveness if they are not part of a sustainable plan that is not only effective but that encourages people to adhere to it over the longer term.

With 2016 coming to a close, private foundations should start thinking about their year-end tax strategies now. To help you develop a plan that works for your foundation, the Not-for-Profit Practice at Moss Adams LLP has summarized some of the key tax laws and opportunities specific to private foundations.