Lil’ Kim Wants Bankruptcy Case Dismissed

AceShowbiz – Lil’ Kim has asked a judge to dismiss her bankruptcy case, as she now has her finances in order and is not at risk of losing her home. The "Crush on You" hitmaker filed for Chapter 13.

A year after filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the ‘Magic Stick’ hitmaker informs a federal judge that she has got her finances in order and no longer needs protection from her creditors. Jun 5,

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Lil Kim Asks for Bankruptcy Case to be Dismissed. Around this time last year, lil kim filed chapter 13 bankruptcy as a move to save her New Jersey mansion.

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The rapper, who filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in May 2018, now says she doesn’t need the court’s help to protect her from creditors, according to The Blast, which obtained court documents showing.

Lil. want to consider making a couple plans of her own instead of relying on divine intervention. Perhaps she’ll be able to take down a chunk of that debt if she manages to sell her New Jersey.

Picture: Vallerie D Wagner and Lil’ Kim LA Pride 2012 in West Hollywood – Day 2 – Backstage Los Angeles, California – 09.06.12 Rapper LIL’ KIM’s incarcerated ex-boyfriend has been transferred to a.

Lil’ Kim is asking a judge to dismiss her bankruptcy after getting her finances in order. The 44-year-old rapper has filed court documents explaining she has been able to get her finances in order.

Lil Kim wants her bankruptcy to be dismissed. The 44-year-old rapper has filed court documents explaining she has been able to get her finances in order so no longer needs any help from the court. In 2018, Kim filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but now states it was an effort to stop her New Jersey mansion from being foreclosed.

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According to financial documents that surfaced, Lil Kim listed a $25,000 loan that Missy Elliott gave her as part of the monthly income and expenses she is required to report as part of her ongoing bankruptcy. This news comes after Kim filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy last year. The rapper reportedly owes $1,845,451 in back taxes.