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As data have shown over the years downtown dallas has been short of urban parks and green spaces by any comparable measures with other major cities in US. For example, only 5.6% of the land area of downtown Dallas is parks as opposed to 33% of downtown Chicago, 14.6% of downtown Atlanta and 9.3% of the land area of downtown Houston.

Spoiler: Cities in Illinois make up almost a third of this list. So it’s fairly appropriate that the state’s capital, Springfield, would make an appearance. 2019 marks the fourth year in a row that Sangamon County, where Springfield is located, has seen its population decrease, according to the Census Bureau.

So what can cities do about it? Well, one approach to solving urban America’s parking problem is called "shared parking." If there’s a movie theater right next to an office, for instance, the theater can use some of the spaces at night that get used by office workers during the day, rather than building its own.

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Most interesting here were the write-in responses, including "Ideally, I wouldn’t have a car, I want to be within walking distance of grocery story & bus stop, be in bikeable area" and "No parking/ no car or maybe bicycle parking in a pocket neighborhood," though some respondents still felt they would enjoy "Better quality of life.

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Finding parking, paying for it, avoiding tickets, relocating your car, learning it’s been stolen-there’s a long list of headaches caused by parking. But if you focus on its costs alone, in which cities can you expect to pay the most for parking? A lot of factors influence how that question is answered.

U.S. Cities With The largest parking fines. san francisco municipal transportation agency shows that San Francisco has some of the most expensive parking fines in America. The California city.