Paul Manafort Is Being Moved Into Solitary Confinement At Rikers Island

Paul Manafort is set to be jailed at Rikers Island, where he. – Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is expected to be jailed on New York’s Rikers Island this week, where he will await trial on state-level mortgage fraud charges, The New York Times.

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Manafort To Be Held In Solitary Confinement In Rikers Island – Paul Manafort is being sent to solitary confinement in my district – Rikers Island. A prison sentence is not a license for gov torture and human rights violations. That’s what solitary confinement is.

Solitary Confinement Is Cruel and Unusual. It Should Be. – From Esquire. I was going to write a post chastising some folks for making light of the fact that Paul Manafort is being stuck into solitary confinement in the hellhole that is Rikers Island.

Paul Manafort May Be Moved To Rikers – Gothamist – Donald-Trump’s former campaign chairman and convicted felon paul manafort may soon take up residence on Rikers Island, awaiting trial on a raft of state fraud charges. According to the NY Times.

REPORT: Paul Manafort To Be Moved From Fed Lockup to. – Paul Manafort is reportedly being transferred from federal lockup to Rikers Island on Thursday of this week. President Trump’s former campaign manager has been in a federal lockup in Pennsylvania. The request for a transfer of Manafort was made by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr.’s (pictured below) office.

Paul Manafort will be moved to Rikers Island & be held in solitary confinement. If you’re blasting the criminal justice system now, but had no energy for Korey Wise or Kalief Browder, both of.

UPDATED: Manafort To Be Sent Back To Solitary–At Rikers Island Fox News is reporting that sources close to Manafort say he will be sent from a minimum security prison in Pennsylvania–where he’s serving a 7-1/2 year sentence for bank fraud and tax evasion–to New York’s Riker’s Island prison comples.

Former Trump Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort, to Be Moved to. – New York: A judge ordered Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, 70, to be transferred to Riker’s Island and placed in solitary confinement, as prosecutors plan to charge him with additional crimes. The purpose of torturing Manafort is to discourage anyone else from associating with Donald Trump.

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Why is Paul Manafort being moved to NYC’s notorious Rikers Island? Later this week former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort will be transferred from a minimum-security facility in Pennsylvania to the notorious maximum-security hell-hole known as Riker’s Island located in New York City.