Raghav Bahl Denies BTVI Report: All Disclosures Made in IT Returns

Bahl, who denied any wrongdoing, is the founder of the quint news portal and the Network18 group and a known media entrepreneur..

Raghav Bahl denies BTVi report: All Disclosures made in IT returns While acknowledging his correspondence with investigating agencies, investor, entrepreneur and media personality raghav bahl denied claims of financial misconduct alleged by BTVi

Bahl says that all the money invested in the property are from income on which taxes have been duly paid and consistently disclosed in the Foreign Asset Schedule of the Income Tax Returns of Raghav Bahl and his wife and children.

New Delhi: The Enforcement Directorate has filed a money laundering case against media baron raghav bahl for alleged laundering of funds to purchase an undisclosed foreign asset, officials said on Friday. Bahl denied any wrongdoing and said he has timely furnished all records to tax authorities.

Press release by Raghav Bahl denying report by BTVi report about enforcement directorate (ed) investigation into purchase of property in London. Mr Bahl says all taxes duly paid, assets disclosed.

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Bahl denied any wrongdoing and said he has timely furnished all records to tax authorities. Sources in the federal probe agency said an Enforcement Case Information Report. and his wife had made.

It has come to our notice that BTVi is running a story with a highlighted alert that claims "ED tells Court, it is conducting an Investigating matter with regard to Raghav Bahl" [sic]. BTVi ,

Bahl acknowledged the Enforcement Directorate action, saying the agency has acted after taking cognisance of the tax department chargesheet filed for alleged non-disclosure of GBP 2.73 lakh (about.

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The charge has been denied by Bahl. ED sources said an Enforcement Case Information Report had been filed under. Bahl, in the letter, said he and his wife had made “full disclosures” in their tax.

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