Retirement income-seekers already feeling pinch from rate cut

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You can’t spend more and lower rates when you are already broke and borrowing. the past decade has been building in these retirement accounts. And while these rising account balances may make.

I have read multiple times that $150-200K income is something to envy and median American household only makes $52K. Thus, the high income earners should feel fortunate, and it logically follows pay even more taxes (did I hear Bernie’s name somewhere?).

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Promise or peril, some Americans are going to feel the pinch. payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits could cost the economy 800,000 jobs, CBO says. The wall street firm blackrock estimates it.

The Reserve Bank’s recent rate cuts are benefiting young people at the expense of the old, retirees say. For John Logan, a 66-year-old Melbourne mainframe computer programmer preparing for his retirement, a slide in interest rates has eroded the growth of his term deposits and he is unmoved by complaints of younger mortgage payers.

Related to this, last quarter I started feeling the pinch of ‘closed’ accounts. the FastGraph below shows a dividend cut because it has not happened. The cut indicated here may be just because of.

 · A model for addressing college costs. But it’s also feeling the pinch from higher pension contribution costs. The story is similar in Seminole County, Fla., which is still reeling from last year’s budget slashing. Though the suburban district north of Orlando is getting more money from the state, it still has to cut more than $16 million, or 3.8%, for the coming year.

and total your income. If you’re feeling confident that you can continue your lifestyle, then perhaps you don’t need to change a thing. But if you’re feeling the pinch, then look for ways to cut your spending. For some that might mean car pooling, for others it could mean cutting the number of.

While the record-low interest rates are helping mortgagees, retirees are feeling the pinch as the cost of living keeps rising, and their yield from their savings is relatively flat. How retirees are coping with the cost of living in Australia | Nest Egg