San Diego Man Who Quit His Job Teaches Others How To Achieve Financial Independence Using “FIRE” Method

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A personal finance community for those seeking FIRE, by those seeking FIRE. From Women Who Money. In his own words: "I am long past retirement age and I certainly don’t need to work; I am Financially Independent. Many that pursue FIRE become obsessed with financial independence.

Obviously, FIRE stands for Financial independence retire early. But, what does that really mean? Taking control of my own investments has essentially turned investing into a second job for me. Using an ad blocker may adversely affect our ability to determine your account eligibility in the program.

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Yet, somehow, he is well on his way to financial independence. How does he spend so much and still make progress to FI? Physician on FIRE. Financial Independence. Retire Early. In all my time writing this blog, I’ve avoided using a lot of concrete numbers when it comes to my own financial Could we survive financially if I quit medicine altogether and took her income out of the picture?

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