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It's no secret that the internet age has given rise to a generation of clickbait articles, which aim to draw people in with eye-catching, irresistible.

This video was made for a Nature and american values class at Virginia Tech to promote the belief of techno-optimism. This video is a class assignment to help inform us on key issues facing America.

The opposite of techno-optimism is not techno-pessimism but rather techno-catatrophism. The later uses the same faulty logic but in reverse; claiming catastrophe without data or with little data.

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The Fallacy of Techno-Optimism · Nicholas Phillips, Quillette | published jun 11, 2019 |. “When the telegraph revolutionized communication in the 1850s,

“When the telegraph revolutionized communication in the 1850s, Henry David Thoreau was scornful. “We are in a great haste to construct a magnetic telegraph from Maine to Texas,” he wrote, “but Maine.

#nasa used to be the public’s; now it’s a private business by and f. June 10, 2019

“Sean McKeon was 11 years old when the 2008 financial crisis shot anxiety through his life in Hudson, Ohio. He remembers his father coming home stressed after the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. took.

Many are understandably pessimistic about platforms and technology. This year has been a tough one, from Cambridge Analytica and Russian.

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Today there are high hopes for technological progress. Techno-optimists expect massive benefits for humankind from the invention of new.

En mycket intressant artikel i ntpublikationen Quillette, med en del om det.

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