The Legacy of Redlining

The Legacy of Redlining – YouTube – How is a policy that began in the 1930s still felt in American cities? 87% of San Francisco’s redlined neighborhoods are low-income neighborhoods undergoing gentrification today. The past is.

Why 50-year-old housing practices could be linked to poor health. – Redlining made it very difficult for people of color to buy property because banks denied them loans in blue (white) neighborhoods and.

A Legacy of Segregation and Discrimination: Redlining – Make. – A Legacy of Segregation and Discrimination: Redlining.the housing sector is a prime example of the confluence of influences, often working together, to tilt the playing field away from communities of color.

How ‘redlining’ shaped New Orleans neighborhoods – is it too late to be fixed? – connects the legacy of redlining to today’s inequities through a timeline of American racism that begins in its colonial foundation. "Health outcomes, life expectancy, low birthweight of babies,

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Redlining's Enduring Legacy | The Kinder Institute for Urban Research – A new mapping tool overlays current demographic data with historic redlining maps.

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Exploring the Legacy of Redlining via a New Documentary about. – But it was redlining, Sanchez and others explain, that played one of the more significant roles in isolating Boyle Heights and setting the stage for the economic and social struggles that would dog the community through the present day. Redlining affected areas of South L.A., Central L.A., and the Eastside.

PDF The Legacy of Redlining in Los Angeles: Disinvestment. – redlining, the troubled zeitgeist of 2019 in Los Angeles is its legacy. Redlining is the elephant in the room in our nation’s economic history and in the modern conversation about gentrification in Los Angeles. Redlining was a systematic denial of economic investment, largely on the basis of race, that was codified into federal policy in the.

Mapping Inequality – Redlining – Mapping inequality introduces viewer to the records of the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation on a scale that is unprecedented. Here you can browse more than 150 interactive maps and thousands of "area descriptions." These materials afford an extraordinary view of the contours of wealth and racial inequality in Depression-era American cities and insights into discriminatory policies and practices.

Redlining and Gentrification | Urban Displacement Project – The Legacy of Redlining Across the Bay Area — San Francisco, East Bay, San Jose GIFs. The video above explores the overlap between redlining, gentrification, and exclusion in San Francisco, but these trends are common across the Bay Area.

On Reparations, the Question Isn’t If, but When and How – If slavery is the foundation, then Black Codes and Jim Crow laws that followed emancipation are the walls; housing.

They're Still Redlining – Jacobin – In his exceptional atlantic essay “The Case for Reparations,” Ta-Nehisi Coates documents how the legacy of redlining has profoundly shaped.