Towanda Braxton Goes Back to School as Part of Bankruptcy

"Braxton Family Values" star Towanda Braxton is demanding her ex-landlord’s lawsuit accusing her of fraud be dismissed. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Braxton is responding to the suit filed by Michael Wagoner, which seeks to collect on $76k owed from the reality star.

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The Braxtons is an American musical quintet consisting of singer Toni Braxton and her sisters, Traci Braxton, Towanda Braxton, Trina Braxton, and Tamar Braxton.Despite being commercially unsuccessful, the group’s first single, "Good Life", led to oldest sister Toni Braxton’s solo career. All five members reunited in 2011 to star in the WE tv reality television series Braxton Family Values.

After filing for bankruptcy in the late 90s, it took Toni Braxton a couple years to bounce back but through it all, she managed to move forward. However, the stable moment was short-lived and it actually had very little to do with spending habits. The second time around, Toni’s health was a big part of the issue.

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Towanda Braxton is back on the small screen thanks to her family’s show, The Braxton Family Values making a comeback on WeTV. But now that she’s in the spotlight each week, the ins and outs of her personal life is making headlines again. braxton reportedly filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. braxton said she makes roughly $4,692.50 each month. But her monthly expenses total out to be a little more than $6,000.

Toni Braxton – born October 7, 1967 Traci Braxton – born April 2, 1971 Towanda Braxton – born September 18, 1973 Trina Braxton. ‘ braxton family values’ star Towanda Braxton Goes Back to School to Learn Personal Finance Following Bankruptcy Braxton Family Values" star Towanda Braxton was forced to go back to school and learn some things about how to manage her money after having to file for.

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Advertised as an intimate look at Braxton’s life, "sibling rivalry, man drama, bankruptcy, a DUI and much more," the show delivers on that premise. In the first episode Traci, Towanda. You can’t go.

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Wagoner is owed $76,000 from Braxton relating to a judgment stemming from a lawsuit over unpaid rent and damages to a rental home. He is demanding the debt NOT be wiped clean as part of Braxton’s recent Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Braxton and Wagoner entered into a deal back in September 2018, where she agreed to make payments to settle the debt.