Why Microsoft Wants to Regulate Own Facial Recognition IT

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"The facial recognition genie, so to speak, is just emerging from the bottle.. He also wants tech companies – organizations that celebrate moving fast and. by tech companies," he said, as if self-regulation actually worked.

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Why Microsoft Wants to Regulate Own Facial Recognition IT What’s really happening to house prices Denham’s Choice is to side with Wall Street The FCC is going to war over set-top boxes – According to the wall street journal, Tom Wheeler is planning to give consumers far more choice over what hardware they can use.

Brad Smith's unusual proposal rises in the midst of a heated, worldwide debate over the role of facial recognition in society and law.

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And now there will be implications for the surveillance technology industry, for privacy campaigners and for politicians worldwide, as other cities make their own decisions. to regulate and control.

Microsoft is asking governments around the world to regulate the use of facial recognition technology. They wants to ensure the technology.

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