Why Self-Service Analytics Has Gone Backward–and What To Do About It

In this multi-part blog, Nick shares some areas where self-service analytics deployments fail and how Qlik’s analytic platform addresses them. Take it away Nick! Self Service Analytics . Have you ever try to do something thinking you knew how, but ended up failing in the end?

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Why Self-Service Analytics Has Gone Backward-and What To Do About It During the past decade, the assertion that the data warehouse is required to be the center of an enterprise data system started to break down in a variety of ways.

eWeek: Why Self-Service Analytics Has Gone Backward–and What To Do About It. Sep 6, 2018. Forbes: How Existing BI And Data Discovery Tools Are Supercharged By Data-as-a-Service.. Dremio Launches Self-Service Data Analytics for data scientists. jul 20, 2017.

Ray cites how Amazon has reduced customer friction by instituting new features. Many brands focus on reducing customer friction by providing self-service alternatives, but if these changes are in.

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Why Self-Service Analytics Has Gone Backward–and What To Do About It. Chris Preimesberger | September 06, 2018 Compared to where IT was a few years ago, effective and easy-to-navigate self.

Google Analytics is the best and the most popular digital analytics software in the world. Here are 10 good reasons why you should prefer google analytics over other similar applications. IT giants like Google, IBM, and Adobe have developed their own digital analytics applications.

Self Service Portals Increase Positive Customer Recommendations. A successful self-service portal strengthens the brand reputation by creating positive client interactions. However, for this to happen, the company has to create a knowledge base that is consistent, simple to understand, and user-friendly, with the capability of utilizing a range of media while updating in real time.

How to Build a Culture of Self-Service Analytics Read Whitepaper. Share . Authors: Marc Rueter, Senior Director of Product Management, Tableau Software Technology has seen a big leap in the past decade. We are all connected, day and night, via our smartphones.